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BROKE book club discussion points


What would you say are some themes in this novel?


If you've read CHOKE or SMOKE, how is the Duckworthy family changing in BROKE?


Is Immy doing the right thing when she moves to Wymee Falls? Why or why not?


Why do you suppose it took Immy so long to figure Vance out?


Do you believe in ghosts? Which of the mishaps do you think are due to Mrs. Tompkins? Any? All?


Is Sadie McMudgeon a sympathetic character at all?


What about Dewey? Is he trying to go straight? Do you think he'll succeed?


Do you like Theo, Immy's new cousin, so far?


What do you supposed was the relationship between Geoff and Mrs. Tompkins when she was alive?


If you read, CHOKE or SMOKE, do you have a different opinion of Ralph Sandoval in this book? How about Hortense?


Do you think Immy will ever progress to something other than file clerk for Mike Mallett?

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