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The first People of the Wind mystery by Kaye George


The author has used North America as a setting for this novel, even though Neanderthal remains and artifacts have never been found there. Does this device work for you? Do you think it is at all possible they were lived there?


How do you think Neanderthals were similar to modern humans? How were they different?


Could you have lived as a member of the Hamapa tribe if you were alive back then and they had taken you in?


How realistic was the portrayal, as nearly as you can tell, to what might life might have been like in those days—living quarters, hunting, foods eaten, clothing, social relationships?


What was the main motivation of Enga Dancing Flower’s actions?


What surprised you about how Enga was portrayed? Was she believable?


Did you learn anything important or useful in reading DITTOI about history, Neanderthals, humanity in general?


Did the novel change your views or opinions on anything? Do you think Neanderthals have generally been portrayed realistically in modern times?


What was your favorite part of the novel? Least favorite?

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