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CHOKE book club discussion points


What would you say are some themes in this novel?


How important is family in this book? Is it as important to all the characters, or less so to some of them?


Would you define Immy's family as her mother and daughter, or does it extend beyond them?


Is Clem a part of the family?


Where does everything start to go wrong?


What could have prevented this?


Would you consider this, partly, a romantic book?


Is Immy a bad mother? Does she think she is? Is Hortense a good mother? Is Drew having a good childhood so far?


Does Baxter Killroy get what he deserves? Why or why not?


How important is the old murder of Immy's father to the story?


Do you think a person can learn much from taking an online course in private detecting? From a book about it?


Was the murder solved in a satisfactory way for you?


What's the significance of cabbage in the story? Of sugar?


Do you feel the atmosphere evokes small town Texas for you?

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