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SMOKE book club discussion points


What would you say are some themes in this novel?


If you've read CHOKE, how is the Duckworthy family changing in SMOKE?


Do you consider pets part of the family? How important are they?


Is Rusty a good guy or a bad guy?


What do you think the effects of the events will be on little Zack? How resilient do you consider very young children?


Does Louise love her daughter?


How many people in this story are well-intentioned, but misguided? All of them or only a few?


Do these people go too far? Is so, what makes them do that? Vernon, Sammy Squire, Louise, Amy JoBeth, Betsy Wiggins, Tinnie Bucket, Poppy Jenkins


Have you ever gotten suckered by someone like Louise?


Was it good of Immy to take Zack in for a few days? Could that have backfired?


If you read, CHOKE, do you have a different opinion of Ralph Sandoval in this book?

How about Hortense?


Should Mike have fired Immy? Should he have fired her sooner?


What role does jerky play in the story?


Did the rodeo and the town of Saltlick feel real to you?

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