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Study Questions for Fat Cat at Large

FAT CAT AT LARGE book club discussion points


What would you say are some themes in this novel?


How important are friends and family in this book? Are they as important to all the characters, or less so to some of them?


Did Chase make a good decision on coming back home?


Would you consider Quincy part of Chase’s family?


Where does everything start to go wrong?


What could have prevented this?


What did Quincy add to the novel? Do you consider him a main character?


Do you prefer novel pets who talk? Those whose thoughts you are privy to? Or do you like to observe from outside, as we do with Quincy?


Which characters do you think you would like or dislike if you knew them in real life?


How important is romance in mysteries, for you? Does this story have enough, too much, too little?


Was the murder solved in a satisfactory way for you? Was justice done?


This story takes place in a large city. Is there a small town feel, given the limited neighborgood?


Do you ever make the recipes in the backs of cozies? How about this one?

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