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To submit to the Mysterical-E column called "What's Your Process":

Here’s a chance to promote your work to a new audience. Mysterical-E ( is developing a new feature called “What’s Your Process?” In this feature we hope to have authors describe their writing process, telling our readers how they develop ideas, flesh them out, and produce a novel. You’ll have a chance to illustrate your methods using one of the books you’ve written and talk about other books you’ve written. If you decide to participate, you’ll be sent a question sheet and a deadline. Mysterical-E is a quarterly (roughly following a Winter-Spring-Summer-Fall schedule), so depending on the number of people participating, we’ll include several of these in each issue. If you think you’d like to participate, please send an email to Kaye, the editor for this feature, ( please include WHAT’S YOUR PROCESS? in the subject line. We’ll also be asking for an author photo and a jpg of the cover of the work you discuss.

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